Preview - Tutorial 51, "Race Forward"

A brief excerpt from Tutorial 51:

Any of you who know me personally know that I’m a huge college hoops fan. As the final four approaches, I find myself both anticipating the biggest weekend of the season, and at the same time disappointed that I’ll have to wait 7 months to enjoy the sport live again. I bring this up because I recently watched a feature on one of the networks in which a few former Duke players talked about coach Mike Krzyzewski; his outlook, and the principles that they learned in their years as Blue Devils. The one thing that really resonated with me was Coach K’s emphasis on playing for the next possession, “play forward.”

I got to thinking about that simple idea, and applied it mentally to our world of sportsman drag racing. How often have you let a previous mistake affect you on the race track? I know that I have done that on numerous occasions. What about getting on a roll and making good runs, then overlooking an opponent or assuming that you’ll make another nice lap only to make a silly mistake? We’ve all done it. But, like most things, I think those that really try to focus on eliminating errors by keeping a consistent approach are the racers who make fewer mistakes and win more often. This is a result of consistent focus, composure, and not allowing previous rounds to impact the current run.

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