PRO Video #5 Available Now
In the latest PRO video, Luke Bogacki discusses what he refers to as the “Driver” strategy in greater depth. Within the 14-minute online presentation, Bogacki and the TIBR team use a variety of race cars and on-track scenarios to demonstrate the ideas presented on in real life action.

“If you’ve watched the previous videos and/or read some of our written work on, you know that what I call the ‘Driver’ strategy is the act of dialing up – carrying, holding, sandbagging; whatever you want to call it – with the intention of crossing the finish line just in front of your opponent,” explained Bogacki. “In this video, we discuss when and why the ‘Driver’ strategy can be successful, and how to hone our execution at the finish line. Better yet, we talk about how much to dial-up in certain situations and we illustrate the theories with real on-track footage. I feel like I say this with each video that we release, but this is my favorite lesson to date just because the actual footage tells the story so much better than I can express in writing.”

The latest video, titled “The Driver Strategy” is the fifth such video tutorial available on bracket racing’s original instruction website, Longtime TIBR members have free access to the first series of video tutorials. New customers can purchase any of the available videos for the low price of $12 each (buyers have access to the video for a full calendar year with purchase – review it as many times as you’d like). In addition, also has a wealth of information available in written form; for more information visit the Written Tutorial page on TIBR.

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