FTI Offers LIFETIME Warranty Package for ALL FTI Converters
Deland, FL: You read the headline correctly. FTI Performance is proud to offer the only lifetime warranty in the performance racing torque converter industry. Effective immediately, FTI customers can purchase an extended lifetime warranty on ANY new FTI Performance torque converter purchase for just $199. The extended lifetime warranty covers converter breakage or failure for the life of the torque converter – if you have torque converter failure with your lifetime warranty FTI Performance converter, simply send it back for repairs, FREE OF CHARGE FOR LIFE! Your next FTI Performance torque converter purchase can now be your last torque converter purchase.

“We’re excited to offer this program,” stated FTI’s Troy Williams, Jr. “It’s just an extension of our commitment to quality here at FTI Performance, and our desire to support racers across the globe. We don’t care what your application is – if you purchase an FTI Performance converter, we expect it to perform. Forever. With the new extended lifetime warranty, we guarantee that.”

The FTI Performance extended lifetime warranty is available on any new FTI converter, from the popular FTI Street Brawler converters, all the way up to the company’s battle tested UPM Pro-Mod torque converters, and everything in between. No matter your application, FTI Performance offers a torque converter to meet your needs, and now FTI Performance will guarantee that converter for life!

For more information, visit www.FTIPerformance.com or call 866-736-8358.

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