Renegade Performance Fuels and Lubricants will have trackside support for the Million Dollar Race
Renegade Performance Fuels and Lubricants will once again have the trackside support fuel trailer for the Million Dollar Race. Renegade Performance Fuels and Lubricants has been steadfast in staying true to its mission by taking care of the grass roots racers in our industry. Toby Baptiste, founder states "it's not only a privilege but an honor to service those in a sport in which I grew up. We're proud and confidant of the difference that bracket racers see, not only in the consistency of our racing fuels, but also in our lubricants since we have one of the highest rated zinc content levels in the industry." Renegade will have its annual Sweet-Sixteen Racer Appreciation Race during the weekend of the Million Dollar Race. Those who purchase fuel from the trackside trailer will be eligible for the drawing to compete in the race. Products that will be available are: Renegade 100% Racing Methanol, 110+, 112+, 116+, 120+ Nitrous, 20w50 Mineral Racing Oil, 20w50 Syn Blend Racing Oil and 10w30 Syn Blend Racing Oil. "Renegade is appreciative to every one of our customers. For those that are not a customer yet, we encourage you to try Renegade and experience the difference!"

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