TIBR "Live" at Memphis International Raceway
Our only TIBR “Live” School of the 2014 season will take place at Memphis International Raceway on September 3-4 (preceding the Moser Great American $50,000 bracket race). Instructors include world championship racers Luke Bogacki, Britt Cummings, and Slate Cummings. The classroom portion of the TIBR “Live” school will begin Wednesday evening, September 3. Participants can expect 6-8 hours of in depth classroom instruction covering everything from proper staging to advanced finish line techniques. Following the classroom portion of the school, participants can expect 6-8 hours of on-track instruction using their own competition vehicles. On-track instruction is much more personalized; as the TIBR crew will work individually with each racer in areas of concern and potential. The cost is $800 per student. Students each bring their own cars for the on-track portion. Each class member can bring one "crew person" to sit in on the classroom portion at no add'l charge. The class will include no more than 12 students (6 spots are currently available), insuring everyone plenty of 1-on-1 time with the instructors). Again, the school leads up the Great American Bracket Race ($7500-to-win Friday & Sunday; $50k-to-win Saturday) at Memphis Int'l Raceway. To reserve your spot, or if you have any questions contact Luke Bogacki at 256-679-8328.

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