Guest Instructor - Jody Lang

In the world of sportsman drag racing, Jody Lang carries a list of credentials and accomplishments equaled by a select few of the sport’s elite drivers. Lang, who began his career in the bracket ranks and has enjoyed success at nearly every level, is one of today’s most recognizable sportsman stars on the NHRA tour. Lang’s approach to competition is very practical; and as a result he’s earned the bulk of his on-track accomplishments in vehicles that a lot of racers would never attempt to enter, much less win with. Lang is a perennial top 10 finisher in the NHRA ranks in both Super Stock and Stock Eliminator while campaigning two fairly uncommon vehicles: a GT/KA Malibu and a M/SA Malibu Station Wagon. The cars and their classification put Jody at the bottom end of the Stock and Super Stock classes, where he is the slower car the majority of the time, and the underpowered heavy machines are perceived to be less consistent than the state-of-the-art equipment of his competitors. Yet Lang repeatedly defies the odds and silences the critics by driving his machines to victory.

Jody saw his first drag race in Seattle, and after a few trips to the track as a spectator he decided to give racing a try. He says that the competition got him hooked on the sport, and he’s been a regular competitor for nearly 3 decades. He’s enjoyed immense success on the local bracket racing scene, including multiple track championships, 4 NHRA Division 6 E.T. Finals triumphs and 2 NHRA Division 6 E.T. Finals Race of Champions crowns.  He’s won in delay box equipped machines, no box cars, footbrake cars, rental cars, duallies, and several machines he had never even sat in prior to the days race!
Since moving into the NHRA ranks, Lang has accumulated 24 national event victories in Super Stock, Stock, and Super Gas. He’s a multi-time NHRA Division 6 Champion, and has countless top ten finishes in the NHRA title chase. While Lang is yet to win the world championship, he’s come painfully close: finishing as the 2nd ranked Stock eliminator driver on three separate occasions.
Lang has had a propensity for double-up wins. He has twice doubled at the national event level, making him one of just 13 drivers to win two classes at the same NHRA national event, and one of just 6 to have accomplished the feat more than once. He’s also doubled on the divisional level, and at the E.T. Finals. If a double win isn’t impressive enough, Lang pulled off a nearly unprecedented triple win once as well. At a Super Chevy Show in Seattle, Lang once won Super Pro, Pro, and Street all in the same day!
Jody Lang was our 2011 BTE Power Rankings Champion here on on the strength of an incredible season that included 6 NHRA national event titles. As if that weren’t impressive enough, Lang attended just six national events that season! is honored to have Jody as part of our all-star team of guest instructors.

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