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Since its inception in February, 2009 has been in the business of helping sportsman racers reach their potential. For years, TIBR has been based on the written word: all of our lessons have been explanatory, detailed, and comprehensive tutorials. Over the course of our history, these tutorials have touched on nearly every aspect of sportsman drag racing: starting line and finish line techniques, strategy, tech, the business of drag racing, mental preparation, and much more.

All of the written tutorials that our members have come to cherish and depend on are still available. In addition, we’ll be introducing several new TIBR “PRO” videos. In the videos, we’ll not only discuss the strategies and philosophies behind, we’ll also get a chance to illustrate them!

Something else new and different is that none of the information here on TIBR: written or video, will be subscription based. See a video that you’d like to watch? Purchase it individually and enjoy unlimited access to it for a full year! See a written tutorial that you’d like to read? Purchase it and read it as many times as you’d like! There is no commitment to purchase additional information. You can pick and choose the topics that you think are applicable to your racing. If you like the content and learn from it, you can purchase additional videos or written lessons. If it’s not for you, hopeful you’ve gained something from the experience with a minimal investment. Bottom line: we’ve tried to personalize TIBR to you. You call the shots: no commitments, no obligations.

Take a look around the new Click on the links above to see what we have to offer in terms of TIBR PRO videos, written tutorials, and our free resources section. You’ve got a vast array of sportsman racing and knowledge and information at your fingertips – feel free to check it out and decide what TIBR content appeals to you!

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